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Take Off Your Freakin' Jammies And Put On Some Freakin' Clothes.

It's perfectly acceptable to wear your jammies in public. If you are two years old. You, however, are sitting in front of computer and reading a blog, which means you are not two years old. You may be reading this in the comfort of your home. Are you wearing jammies? I certainly don't mind if you are. Inside your house. Or in your bed. Or at a slumber party. Or in a convalescent hospital. It's when you're wearing them at Target, or at Starbucks, or at a gala presidential dinner that a line has been crossed. I have standards, and I will impart them to you now, and you will fall into line, thus sparing yourself the shame and humiliation of being seen in public in your jammies, which will be compounded when I snap your photograph and put it on this blog. I'm sorry to have to resort to threats, my friends, but when I see four people out in public in their jammies in the space of six days, then that is what it has come to. Granada Hills, it is time to wake up,