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Tender Young Food Truck Ventures Up To Granada Hills

In an encouraging sign that the food truck revolution is slowly trickling its way up to the G.H. -- and we need it more up here than they do in L.A., dammit -- the Crepe'n Around crepe truck came and served up their folded Frenchy wares to grateful GranadaHillsians outside of Menchie's on Chatsworth on Monday night. And there was NO LINE! In business for less than a week, Crepe'n Around serves both sweet and savory crepes. We sampled two of the savory kind: the ham and cheese was laden with seedy mustard and sweet carmelized onions, and the vegetarian featured grilled red peppers and eggplant with cheese and a balsamic reduction glaze. The verdict: YUM. Jamie, the truck's friendly proprietor, wasn't yet sure if another visit to GH would be in the future or not, but at least we can say, that for a few, brief, shining moments, we had a good French restaurant in this town.