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The Milkman Cometh

I have a milkman who comes to my house and delivers milk to my door. But when I tell people that, they always say, "They still have milkmen?" They still do—at least Alta Dena does. The milkmen don't wear white uniforms or carry clinking glass bottles up the walkway in wire baskets, but they do bring milk—even organic—as well as eggs, bread, cheese, yogurt, orange juice, and ice cream to your doorstep. I first started on home delivery service when my son was an infant and running out of milk was an all-hands-on-deck, running-to-the-store-in-your-jammies-with-a-screaming-baby emergency. Now, I'm hooked on the security of knowing that I'll never find myself in any sort of got milk commercial -style crises , thanks to my milkman Ron Cleven, who's been delivering milk to my family for the last six years. I convinced Ron to come back to my house at a decent hour so I could pepper him with questions about (one of) the world's oldest professions. So what's