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Plain Folks In A Celebrity House

“Neutra's redirection of modernism constituted not a lyrical regression to sentimentality but a deliberate advance of architectural theory and technique to engage the unconscious mind, fueled by the ideas of psychoanalysis that were being rapidly disseminated at the time. In Neutra's responses to a vivid range of issues, from psychoanalysis proper to the popular psychology of tele-evangelical prayer… (is) a radical reconstitution of the architectural discipline.” from Form Follows Libido : Architecture and Richard Neutra in a Psychoanalytic Culture by Sylvia Lavin(MIT Press, 2005) Yep, did you hear that? Neutra's architecture represents an engagement of the unconscious mind and a radical reconstitution of the architectural discipline. But what if you just need a place to live? "We moved here because our daughter wanted a horse," explain Gage and Juanita Wilson, current residents of a home designed by the famed architect known as The Logar House. At the time

Room 101 Cigars National Launch Party At The Cigar Lounge

On Thursday, October 1, The Cigar Lounge is hosting a national launch party for Room 101 cigars from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. There'll be tastings, cigar specials, food and beverages, and there's no cover charge. The Cigar Lounge will be the first store in the nation to offer the Room 101 brand, which is blended and rolled by Camacho Cigars. The Cigar Lounge's owner, Ashley (no last name, just Ashley) describes The Cigar Lounge as "not the typical cash-and-carry cigar store." It's truly a lounge, with a large seating area, TVs, and "a good mix of guys -- kind of a grown man's den. But women are welcome and allowed to come... sometimes they get the idea that they're not, but they are," he adds. "If there are women around, there'll be fewer F-bombs." Ashley promises visitors to The Cigar Lounge will enjoy "Good times, good smokes, lots of bullshit. Kind of a club effect." The Cigar Lounge Is located at 17545 Chat