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Verizon? Inconsiderate? How Shocking.

The following email from Granada Hills South Neighborhood council landed in my inbox last week, and I've got to say they've got a damn good point. These low-lying FiOS boxes are wack -- and whack, too -- as in you could easily whack yourself into one on a bike or skateboard. Granada Hills doesn't have much in the way of bike lanes, so we cyclists often use the sidewalks -- which is perfectly legal by the way, if you're not biking "in a manner that shows blatant disregard for pedestrian safety," which I don't. But the needlessly low placement of these boxes is quite the screw you, pedestrians and bikers! move on Verizon's part. Verizon's people need to get their lazy asses some ladders and move these things up higher on the pole, but they're probably not going to do it unless we make some noise. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some FiOS, and I'm using it right now, but jeez, Verizon, give us some room. If you're a bum like me who