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WTF Is Up With This Billboard?

Here's what's funny about this billboard, seen at the corner of Balboa and San Fernando Mission Boulevards: no one gets what it's supposed to mean. My kid, who's in the fifth grade, asked what it was all about, and my husband, who isn't in the fifth grade (he's in 20th, actually) couldn't give him an answer. He too was completely mystified. My take on it is that Doug and Jerry are supposed to be two assholes that lie, prompting you to respond with incredulity: "Honestly?" Whereas Hamer Toyota, by contrast, doesn't employ any assholes -- at least, maybe they don't. The question mark after "Honesty" leaves room for doubt. And what of the presumably fictitious "Mega Motors"? By erecting this imaginary straw man, does Hamer seek to convince us that they are a puny, modest, mom-and-pop operation? One that happens to make use of military-grade searchlights on a semi-regular basis? Okay, so "Mega Motors" has t