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the neutra house

Butcher Man

GGH: Where's Bob today? He's recovering from his back surgery. I'm taking care of the shop today. His wife might be bringing him by later. How long have you been a butcher? You're not gonna believe it, but it's a lot of years. And Bob has been here for 24 years. How long have you worked at this location? Three years. Where did you work before you were here? I can't tell you that. Okay, so tell me something I don't know about meat. What is meat? The muscle tissue of an animal. Right. And the more the muscle is used, the tougher it is. So like the arms, or the legs. It's tough, like the round steak. Round steak is the butt? Close to it. So the more the muscle is used, the tougher it is. So then you have to cook it differently. So Bob carries only USDA choice and prime beef. Can I take your picture? Nope. I'll just take a picture of meat then. Can I put in just your first name? Nope. How about if I use a fake name, like J