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The Shooting Of Zachary Nathan Champommier

The following is a guest article written by Joseph M. Berrellez, best friend of Zachary Nathan Champommier. Champommier, an honors student, marching band member, and Granada Hills Charter High School class of 2010 graduate, was shot and killed by police officers last July in an incident that prompted questions about officers' decision to use of deadly force against the teen and left many of Champommier's fellow students' faith in police shaken. Champommier's shooting was covered by The Los Angeles Times , LAist , and other outlets linked below. Joseph Berellez, left, with Zac Champommier. Zachary Nathan Champommier By Joseph M. Berrellez Finally eighteen years old, finally out of high school, finally have a car, finally starting life—until June 24, 2010, when all that was taken from my best friend, Zachary Nathan Champommier. Zac (no “k” at the end because Zachary doesn’t have a “k,” as Zac would say), born January 21 st , 1992, wa