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I Heart My Kirby Vacuum

Editor's Note: Received this apropos story from a friend and GGH reader, Mr. Charles Danek, just today. Ain't life grand? I Love My Vacuum Cleaner by Charles Danek When we bought our 1964 Eichler house three years ago, we needed to upgrade our vacuum cleaner. I was dreading this purchase, as I have pretty much hated every lame machine I had ever bought from Lowes or wherever... just as I was having these thoughts, while driving through my new neighborhood, I happened to pass a store that sold only vacuum cleaners... hmmm... maybe I should check out this place, and see if they have any better options? It turns out that the store not only sold vacuum cleaners, but just one brand: Kirby vacuum cleaners. The owner of the shop, a guy named John, was very knowledgeable about all things Kirby, and within 10 minutes I was convinced that we needed one of his machines... the only problem was that a new Kirby costs about $1000, which was far more than my budget. John then suggested I

From The Archive: Interview With The Robe Wearing Sign Holding Guy From Liberty Income Tax

Is this a tough job? Tiring? No. Not really. How long are you out here every day? About five hours. It's not too bad. Do you do the sign spinning thing? No, just hold it. Do you ever feel any compunction about the degradation of one of our nation's most resonant symbols? Nah. Can I get your name? I'd rather not. Liberty Tax Service is located on the corner of Chatsworth and Woodley next to Smart & Final.