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The Granada Hills Holiday Parade: Photos!

I've never been able to get through the Granada Hills Holiday parade without getting verklempt for at least a minute. This year it happened when I saw Semper Fi Towing's flatbed full of U.S. Marines, since I recently lost a Marine Corps family member. I have a great time poking fun at our hokey hometown parade, but I kid because I love. It's long, it's slow, it's corny, and it's ours . A very small drill team member gets in some playground time before the very long march. Sue Stephenson of Orange County PT Cruisers does some last-minute decorating. The bees thought this young lady was a flower, and who could blame them? Yummy bacon-wrapped hot dogs -- just like Hollywood! The little bit of snow left over from the Christmas show at Petit Park is a big thrill for the kids. And new snow is falling! Hey, I was wrong: there were Black Panthers! Power To The People! Most of us peasants had to watch from the sidewalk, but some people ... I don't know him, but I

A Guide To Successful Parade Entries

Do Don't If you're considering a last-minute entry into today's Granada Hills Holiday Parade, please consult this handy Dos And Don'ts guide to entries that fit with the parade's theme, "Holidays of the Sixties," before you plan your float. Today's parade begins at 1:30 p.m., beginning at Chatsworth and Petit and continuing along Chatsworth west to Zelzah. If Your Float Features: Do Don't The Beatles Love Me Do Revolution No. 9 Astronauts Apollo 11 Apollo 13 Famous Families Sly And The Family Stone The Manson Family Music Festival Woodstock Altamont Elvis Wear black Wear white A Fireplace Burn a yule log Burn a draft card Celebrities Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Hoffa Peace Slogans Give Peace a Chance Hell No, We Won't Go Libations Martinis LSD Famous Duos Sonny & Cher Cheech & Chong