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When the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council needs a place to meet, they've got plenty of options -- G.H. Baptist, or the Rec Center, to name a couple. But the North Neighborhood Council -- which, like the South, is required to meet within its boundaries -- doesn't have as many choices, since the North Council's territory is in the predominantly residential part of town. GHNNC board meetings were being held in member's homes for a while, until somebody -- likely with an axe to grind -- squealed. Seems that most people's homes don't have ADA-compliant bathrooms for council members to use, and that's a no-no (never mind that none of the council members are disabled; rules are rules!). Church meeting rooms were considered, but the suggestion made some concerned about separation of church and state squeamish. So the council went about finding a suitable headquarters, and found one in the Albertson's shopping center at San Fernando Mission and Woodl