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Sprouting Off!

Regency Centers, owners of the Granada Village Shopping Center on the NW corner of Zelzah and Chatsworth, has finally found a new tenant for the long-vacant former Ralphs/former Brusnwick Lanes/almost Kohl's space at the center's east end: Sprouts Farmer's Market. The chain, which has been described as "the bastard child of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods," touts on their web page their commitment to sourcing produce from local farmers. More full service than T.J.'s but less highfalutin' than Whole Wallet Foods? Sounds like they're trying to fill the hole in my staunchly middlebrow heart. And I'm certainly glad to be moving past that silly era during which we had a Ralph's right across the street from the Ralph's. Now if only they could squeeze the bowling alley back in, I'd really be happy. Regency Centers is inviting the community to an Open House on Thursday, September 16th from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm where they will introduce

Community Meeting About Bo Diddley High Tonight

Tonight, LAUSD is hosting a Community Advisory Committee Meeting regarding Valley Region High School #4 (formerly called Hospital High, soon to be renamed Bo Diddley High) tonight, Wednesday, September 15 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at Patrick Henry Middle School, 17340 San Jose Street, Granada Hills in the multi-purpose room. Attend and contribute your views, questions, opinions, and concerns to LAUSD. related posts: Name The New High School Bo Diddley High!