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Sports Or Sludge?

A reader recently contacted me with a news tip: a plan is in place to terminate the lease on the Granada Hills Youth Sports fields up at the top of Balboa, and replace them with sludge from the water processing plant. Apparently, Metropolitan Water District owns this land and leases it to the Granada Hills Recreation center so the kiddies can have a place to play soccer and baseball. The tipster said that this season may be the kids' last at this location, and the sports fields are to be relocated to the other side of the freeway. So I did some searching, and found this Daily News editorial about the very topic. Trouble is, the article is more than four years old. It seems that this disaster has been imminent for some time now, but no action has taken place. My inquires to MWD and Granada Hills Recreation Center have not yet been answered. Anyone out there have the straight dope on this PR disaster?