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Wild Rumors Of Wild Coyotes

A flyer being circulated in the Old Granada Hills area warns that "Coyotes are wandering our streets in the early mornings" and says that the coyotes have killed "a number" of cats. The all-uppercase flyer doesn't have a signature, nor does it provide any supporting details of the alleged cat killings, making it difficult to fact-check. It's certainly possible that coyotes are wandering around Old GH, although they tend to be more commonly seen in the less densely populated parts of town, like the Bee Canyon area. But it's also possible that this flyer contains a bit of speculation, too. "Since they feel this is a good meal area, they'll return," the flyer asserts, which of course leads one to wonder how the message's author managed to get the inside scoop on the coyotes' feelings and their future plans. Still, the message is well-intentioned, and a decision to keep cats indoors would find plenty of support, including th

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