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North Valley Vegetarians Unite!

The following review of Vegetable Delight is reprinted here courtesy of my former Granada Hills High School classmate David Elsensohn. Dave runs a superb site called Dining In L.A. -- check it out for more city-wide food reviews, conveniently organized into cuisines by specialty, by region, and by neighborhood. Vegetable Delight 17823 Chatsworth St. Phone: 818-360-3997 Admittedly, if I was hired to track down some really outstanding and innovative vegetarian Chinese food, I would not expect to search along the aging stretch of Chatsworth Street in Granada Hills, within a thousand feet of my old high school*. But there it is; Vegetable Delight, despite its wartorn exterior, has my full support. Stare for a moment at the beautifully carved wooden mural in the window before entering. Walking inside, you may wonder if you have plunged down a rabbit hole into a wedding in Toyland. Rows of gold-trimmed white booths gleam under ceiling tiles of powder blue; the water glasses are stuffed w