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Preliminary Election Results: Runoff Unlikely

As of 9:21 pm, vote by mail results are favoring Mitch Englander at 4,784 votes with Brad Smith in second place at 1,986. The total of all alternative candidates is 3,449 to Englander's 4,784, which at this point means no runoff. And Dinesh "Danny" Lakhanpal's last place ranking means no monorail. Next GigaGranadaHills update will be tomorrow morning. DINESH "DANNY" LAKHANPAL 163 1.98 KELLY M. LORD, JR. 536 6.51 BRAD SMITH 1,986 24.12 NAVRAJ "SINGH" SINGH 463 5.62 ARMINEH CHELEBIAN 301 3.66 MITCHELL ENGLANDER 4,784 58.11

Today Is Election Day!

Just reminding you. I'm going to refrain from doing endorsements because, well, you don't need me to tell you how to think. I've done my best to give you the tools with which to make your own decision. I will say, however, that it's interesting how little attention most people pay to local elections. I've know people who tend to become exceptionally wound up with things that take place in Washington, yet not care a whit what's taking place in our own backyard. Don't be one of them. Go out and vote. It matters.

Tonight in Granada Hills: The L.A. Pizza Comedy Experience