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A Must-Read Article For All LAUSD Parents

I generally tend to be pro-union, but a story in today's Los Angeles Times , a must-read for any parent who has a child attending an LAUSD school, really highlights the potential failings inherent in any organization with an interest in self-preservation, which definitely describes UTLA. UTLA far too frequently stands in knee-jerk opposition to almost all forms of teacher performance evaluation, which as today's article points out, can be far more important than evaluation of a school as a whole. After all, no one shapes your child's day-to-day educational experience than their teacher; the impact of principals, administrators, and school board members are insignificant by comparison. The Times story deals with "value added analysis" of teacher performance data, based on test scores of that teacher's individual students, across seven years of data. The system of analysis provides information even the teachers themselves interviewed for the article felt wa