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Belly Dance Swap Meet On Sunday

On Sunday from 12:30-5:30, check out the "Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet" at Granada Pavilion. This twice-yearly event is billed as "a lively day of shopping, swapping, and dancing," and it's only two bucks to get in. Belly dancers: God bless 'em. They're doing the lord's work. Granada Pavilion is at San Fernando Mission and Balboa, behind Trader Joe's.

And The Prize For Best Ice Cream-Related Choreography Goes To...

Congratulations to Gotta Dance Studio, who created the best ice-cream-themed video in the nation for the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream & Cake Dance Contest. Baskin-Robbins Facebook page says, "This video was submitted in tribute to Steve Gebelein, co-owner of Gotta Dance Studio, who passed away in February 2009. More than 60 students participated in an on-stage performance to raise money for Cindy, Steve’s wife and co-owner, along with their six children. The students will use the prize money to repair the studio’s leaking roof. Alli Bivins, a teacher at Gotta Dance Studio, said the best reward was having all the kids get together to film the video and enjoy Baskin-Robbins ice cream cakes." Cute dancing plus thematically appropriate music plus clever product placement plus worthy cause equals ding ding ding: WINNER! I watched the other two runner up videos, and honestly, they don't even come close to our home town heroes. Nice work, kids! Vote for me in this contest! S