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Albertson's Is Lowering Prices -- And Here's How

This morning at Albertson's, the store I always seem to wind up at even after I swear I'll never set foot in there again, I learned something that made me cringe. One of the familiar checkers whom I see every time I shop there handed me a pen to sign my credit card slip. It was a Uni-Ball Micro, the pen that got me through college. It stood out to me because I'd been trying to find one in their stationery aisle and couldn't. The checker told me that she'd purchased the pen in a 6-pack at the 99-Cent Store. I thanked her for the tip, and walked out. Then, something dawned on me, and I turned around and walked back in. "Do you have to buy your own pens here? Doesn't the store provide them for you?" I asked. "No way," she groused. "We have to buy our own everything here. When I work at the deli, I even have to buy my own gloves." Ever since the great grocery strike of ought four, Albertson's lost a lot of familiar faces, a