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Alley Cat Boutique To Close its Doors

The shop many had hoped would spark a new trend for the Old Granada Hills business district on Chatsworth Street, Alley Cat Boutique, is closing its doors after just eleven short months in business. Owner Jonalyn Cooper (pictured at left), a thirteen-year Granada Hills resident, had said of Granada Hills in a previous interview: "There's a great vision, and there's people that really stand behind that vision. Unfortunately, we're in a situation where that vision cannot come to be because there are certain elements of the city that stand in the way, but we all have a great aspiration of making this small town Granada Hills feeling, that makes it quaint, charming, and lovely, to match the people that live here." Cooper strove to make a store that also looked like her progressive vision of what Granada Hills could be: in her words, "Quaint charm on the outside, hip and funky inside." When Alley Cat was just five months old, the shop, a vintage and

Frappuccino (Not So) Happy Hour At Starbucks

Starting today through May 16, Starbucks is offering their "new and improved" Frappuccinos at half price between 3-5pm, and already, employees are bitching about it on the Facebook Page for the event . Gripes one: "Its gonna suck really bad if your a partner such as myself....especially when you work at a busy store. The new fraps take forever to make." One commenter said, "The new ones are not nearly as delicious as they used to be. You'll see," but another employee didn't see the difference, saying, "I work for Starbucks, and Frappuccinos suck like they always have. But another employee suggests a solution: "If you're working with shifts/managers who don't care, you could make it in the pitcher instead of the cup. Much easier. " The often lax quality control at Starbucks hasn't made a difference in their bottom line. One poster summarizes it best: "Yes I will be attending, mainly because the drink is onl