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Readers Get A Freebie From The Crepe Truck Tonight!

The Crepen' Around Crepe Truck, which will be in Granada Hills tonight from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., has very generously offered a special freebie to Giga Granada Hills readers: mention Giga Granada Hills and you'll get a free banana muffin with your order! That's tonight only! Wooo-woooo! The truck will be parked on Chatsworth Street just East of Zelzah.

A Tale Of Three Carnies

GGH: Do you ever get kicked in the face? Carny No. 1: (smiles) Yeah. It happens all the time. GGH: You sure have a good attitude about it! Carny No. 1: It's just part of the job. Carny No. 2: I've got a girlfriend who's an artist. I'm going to send her one of these heads to paint, real realistic, or real scary. If it works out I'll have her paint all of them. GGH: Go with scary. Carny No. 2: It sure clears out early around here. Must be because it's a bad neighborhood. GGH: This is a bad neighborhood? Carny No. 2: Yeah. Last night we had the gangbangers here, tagging all of our equipment. We called the cops, they didn't even show up. Next day we asked the cops why they didn't come, they said, 'You should have called in that someone was waving a gun. Then we would have been here.' GGH: Wow, that's an amazing belt buckle. Can I take your picture? Carny No. 3: Sure. I won that in a rodeo. I usually don't have girls ask