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Name The New High School George W. Bush High

I've always striven to be sensitive to criticism. So when a reader pointed out to me my error in judgment in proposing that the new high school be named Bo Diddley High, after the former Granada Hills resident and musical innovator, I relented. This reader pointed out : " The name needs to be bold and something to be proud of; not a name that will bring constant embarrassment and ridicule: Diddlers High - a bunch of blooming molesters? Giga High - really? Think it through folks - it's bad enough many of you gave your kids' names nobody can spell or pronounce. " I have been duly chastised, as have the majority of my readers who have misnamed their children. Of course, it was well before I received this letter that I began to regret my decisions to name my son Aierelowopid and my daughter LaShwianianiqjikilaga. I also regret my former ignorance of the fact that Bo Diddley was a notorious child molester. Of course, to give your organization a name with a too-c