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New Granada Hills Neighborhood Council Members "Jumped" Into Board In Violent, Gang-Style Ritual

    Granada Hills Charter High School's normally peaceful Rawley Hall erupted in terrifying violence last night as members of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council performed the annual ritual of beating new board members as a test of loyalty.     In the melee, pictured at left, board members were given their gang names and forced to swear  allegiance to the organization for life.    "The only way outta this sh_t is in a muthaf__in' box," said departing President Dave "Boo Boo Bear" Beauvais. "But they also give you a nice plaque." The new Neighborhood Council Officers are: Secretary: Anthony "Shrimp Boy" Matthews Treasurer:  Brandon "Flash Dolla" Schindelheim Parliamentarian:  MC Funkadelic  Vice President: Jerry "Askew"  President: Brad "Miget Killa" Smith Read the complete, and somewhat more factual, list of election results here.