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Get Ready For A Big Wiener!

Exciting news: the Wienermobile will be in this Sunday's Granada Hills Holiday Parade! Normally, this blog is against national brands placing their  advertising logos in our hometown parade -- it's about community, not corporations -- but in this case, I'm willing to make an exception. And it won't be the first time a will was weakened by the prospect of wiener-related pleasures. But it will be the first time that parade officials managed to convince Oscar to put his wiener in our parade. Before the wiener was in, officials were told "no" at least six times -- but that only stiffened their resolve. Hot for this dog, the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce kept pushing, and the Wienermobile's eventual entry was the climax of an entire year of back-and-forth pleas to the Wienermobile's handlers,who finally agreed to put it in. Word is that the huge, wheeled wiener will come early in the parade -- but hopefully not too early. The parade gets off at