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Food Trucks FTW!

My ordering technique at the food truck fest: going up to each truck's window and saying, "Gimme the thing that's gonna make me go 'MMMMMM!'" And it turns out that was a winning strategy. The only truck I didn't use that line on was the meatball truck Great Balls On Tires, where I switched to, "Hurry, stuff your balls in my mouth!" What? Oh, please, get your mind out of the gutter, people! Really, I'm surprised at you, Granada Hills. I'm just talking about eating their meat! Verily I say to thee, Clint, Michael (a GH homeboy!) and their crew had the best balls I've ever tasted. And as for the double entendres the truck's name lends itself to — they've even got "Best Balls In L.A.!" painted on their hood — apparently, the gag never gets old. After cracking a few extremely obvious jokes with the Great Balls crew that got more laughs than I expected, I asked, "Aren't you tired of this stuff by now?&qu