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Oh, You Kids Today.

Kids, sit down and let Grandma GenX tell you a story. In my day, in addition to walking ten miles to school in the snow (yes, it used to snow quite regularly in Granada Hills) we used to question authority. I'd heard tell here and there that the generation following mine -- the Millennials, Generation Y -- tended toward an automatic valuation and trust of authority figures, but of course that description was coming from authority figures, so I naturally dismissed it out of hand. Then I read this heartbreaking response to "The Kilt Kerfluffle:" Anonymous said... "I dont see what the big deal is, it's the directors program. If they and the staff are united on a decision to make the group better then let them do what they do is best. Thats why they are working there." I was stunned and dismayed to see that comment. New York Magazine's curt descripition of millennial culture as "the Paris Hilton-posey, authority-loving, hive mind of kids today&q