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Avoid The Valentine's Day Doghouse...

A long time ago, I had a boyfriend who used to cop out of getting me a Valentine's Day gift by saying, "I forgot that it was Valentine's Day." This may have gotten him out of spending any dough on me, but it didn't get him out of the doghouse. Fast forward to today. Where is that boyfriend? I can tell you this much: he's somewhere far, far away from my warm cozy bed. So don't say I didn't warn you. Valentine's Day is coming up, and the lady at See's Candies on Devonshire and Balboa assured me that next week, the lines will be out the door, and all of the store's novelties (you know, heart-shaped stuff) will be gone. Fortunately, if you happen to be sitting anywhere near a computer right now--and I imagine that you are--you can avoid the lines (and the doghouse) by ordering online . Today, February 5th, is the last day you can order online without paying the primo shipping charge. You can still order after the 5th for arrival by Valen

Valley Grrls

See the evocative work of photographer Mark Beck as he captures the diversity and beauty of San Fernando Valley women at . The photos above and below of model Erin Tischler were taken at O’Melveny Park in Granada Hills.