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Let's create a pedestrian and bike-friendly plaza at Chatsworth and Zelzah Streets in Granada Hills!

Illustration courtesy Solo Goodspeed Petition:            Donation: Wouldn't it be great if Granada Hills had a town square? A place to sit down and eat on food truck nights? A place for public music performances? Free dance classes? Or a place for people to just come together and enjoy? We want to create one.  We love the lively street life that the food trucks have brought to the sidewalks of Chatsworth Street. But food trucks come and go. To maintain that lively atmosphere, we need to create something that is ours .  In cooperation with the City of Los Angeles' People St. program, we want to expand Veteran's Triangle Park, at the corner of Chatsworth and Zelzah Streets, all the way to Menchie's for a temporary, 12-month pilot program. But doing that requires community support. And that's where you come in.   Any inviting gathering space needs tables and chairs. It needs umbre