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CHP Dispensary Closed in 4/20 Raid

In timing that can't be coincidental, at approximately noon today, LAPD officers raided CHP Dispensary on Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills' last remaining dispensary. Owner Junior Martinez was not present at the time of the raid, but his wife, Liliana Ramirez, was taken into custody for sales and possession charges. All other employees were released. According to Martinez, the shop was raided for over-the-counter sales of marijuana. Unconfirmed reports indicated that a City Council member was also present at the raid. Giga Granada Hills has not yet been able to reach City Council representatives or LAPD for comment, but will provide more details as they become available. Related posts: 2/4/10: Granada Hills' Marijuana Dispensary Unaffected By L.A. Ordinance 11/24/09: The Last Man Standing 11/1/09: L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich To Speak At Granada High

A Wholesome and Legal Way To Celebrate 4/20 In Granada Hills

Laughter is legal, and what better laughter enhancement substance is there than... comedy! Don't forget your coupons in case you get the munchies. Seriously -- print one out NOW, because if you're properly prepared for this show, you might also be forgetful.