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The Intersection of Crazy and Billboard

How, when, and by whom was it decided that the intersection of San Fernando Mission and Balboa should henceforth be known as Crazy Billboard Corners? First, the inscrutable advertisement for Hamer Toyota goes up, and now, a billboard that pinpoints the return of Christ as occurring on May 21, 2011. The Hamer Toyota ad, it seems, is intended to be a permanent fixture, but I'll be surprised if Save The Date stays up much past May 22. But then again, if all of the true believers indeed get rapturized out of town, maybe there'll be no one will be left to tear the thing down and replace it with a billboard for, say, Spearmint Rhino. Image from The website the billboard directs us to puts the rapture at May 21 and the destruction of the earth on October 21, which means that the kids will be highly disappointed to learn they'll miss out on Halloween. But the good news is, this year, you don't have to feel guilty if you eat those bags of candy you bought