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Comic Book Superhero

If you live 'round these parts and you've got a kid who's hooked on comics, Paul Sager is probably to blame. That's because Paul, who's worked at Continental Comics on Devonshire Street for 21 of the shop's 32 years, says the best part of his job is turning kids on to the joy of comic books. "As I've gotten older -- and god help me it has been over 21 years -- I think what I enjoy the most is the four- and five-year-olds to the twelve-year-olds. When you see them first break into a comic -- and you only get one chance at this, the first time -- their eyes, I swear to god it's like a cartoon. Their eyes widen up like they're gonna pop out of their head, like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It' s brand new, like an amusement park. There's only one first time." If Paul seems like that goofy, kid-at-heart uncle you love to hang out with at Thanksgiving, it's because he is one, with plans to turn his nieces and nephews on to comics at