Really, Pizza Cookery? Really?

Pizza Cookery, tell us the truth. Is Pizza Cookery really a "Hot spot for celebrity sightings" like it says in your Clipper Magazine ad? Are there really that many A-listers coming into your joint? If so, how many and which ones?

If you've actually seen Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, or Madonna going into the Pizza Cookery to eat doughy, not-all-that-garlicky garlic rolls, readers, please let me know. Apparently, A-listers are in there all of the time.


  1. They have pictures on the wall of the celebrities that have been there--including John Travolta.

    Honestly, I'd hate to disparage any great business in our community. Especially one that sponsors so many sports teams.

  2. Of course, you can purchase those pictures for a few bucks off the internet... I know of a number of eateries who do just that to make them appear more "in"...

  3. With the owner IN the photos? Trust me, the John Travolta photo isn't a paparazzi shot.

    Again, I'd hate to dis local business that support our community, but then again, your mileage may vary.

  4. Yep, ever hear of Photoshop?... There are a number of sites where you can upload a photo of yourself and they will morph it in to the photo of your favorite celebrity...

  5. Not 15 years ago. But then again, I like Ray and his family, and have always supported local businesses.


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