Starlet Visits Granada Hills!

I typically don't do much reporting on crime stories unless something about them cracks me up (e.g. this one), but I was excited to learn from The Associated Press that the "Starlet Bandit" just hit one of our local banks. Oooh, I love starlets -- especially when they visit Granada Hills!

Judging by her surveillance camera snaps, I can see why this starlet traded casting calls for a life of crime; even full-figured gals have to pay the rent, and Hollywood is a tough town when you're not a size 0.

Fortunately, on this side of the hill, she blends right in, and unlike L.A., Granada Hills is having a distinct starlet shortage, so I say, come on over!

I only wish we had a local branch of Goldman Sachs she could heist.


  1. This photo reminds me of the incredible power of the cellphone to make its owner "alone" in public. I guess that's why so many people walk around NOT TALKING on their cellphones. There's no one on the other end, but by holding the cellphone to their ears, they are averting contact or acknowledgement with anyone else. They are putting themselves above everyone else. I suppose that's why iPod "earbud" cords were thick and bright, bright white. It's a message to any potential interlocutors... I am ABOVE you. I am IGNORING you. I am IN MY OWN WORLD.

  2. Hmmm, robbing a bank the old fashioned way. How quaint. Apparently she hasn't heard that it is much easier and much more profitable to use credit default swaps and CDOs to rob a bank.


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