First Friday Truck Fest Tonight At A Sweet Design

Tonight, A Sweet Design will once again host a multi-truck dinnertime event, including Papas Tapas, Munchie Machine, Grill 'em All, and the long-awaited Grilled Cheese Truck, among others.

Across the street at Menchies, GH favorites Smokin' Willie's BBQ truck will be serving up both vegan and meaty fare.

To avoid the conflicts with nearby business owners her last event suffered, Joeleen of Sweet Design has requested that trucks park off Chatsworth, on Yarmouth Street.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that nearby business owners called LAPD on last Wednesday's gathering of trucks, but LAPD didn't show. So it seems unlikely that Granada Hills will see a repeat of last month's shutdown.

Sweet Design is located at the corner of Chatsworth and Yarmouth. Event begins at 7pm.


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