Vote For Bo Diddley High!

The LAUSD is holding an advisory vote on who will run the new high school located at 10445 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills, 91344 (Balboa near Devonshire): VRHS#4 (Valley Regional High School #4).
The new school falls under the LAUSD Board Resolution for Public School Choice (PSC).
Under this provision, an application process has been developed for LAUSD educators, charter school operators, partnerships, non-profits and other independent groups to submit plans aimed at improving student achievement.
From the Daily News:
"Nine applicants have submitted proposals to run all or portions of these two schools. Among those applications is a proposal by district officials to launch a performing arts high school on the Granada Hills campus. The high-performing Granada Hills charter high school is also bidding on that school, promising to continue its academic achievements on the new 1,200-student campus."
There have been many neighborhood meetings on this topic, and the candidates are down to three.

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE ! This will have a major impact on the quality of our schools, and indirectly on property values as well.
The Board of Education is scheduled to make a final decision on February 22.


  1. Vote for Local District 1!

  2. The Charter proposal is the only way to go!

  3. UTLA sent me junk mail about it. (Two pieces!!) And I don't have kids.

  4. It says something when LAUSD holds the advisory vote at Monroe High School. Monroe High School, whose teachers actually wrote the LAUSD proposal. In fact Tuesday evening's LAUSD presentation was introduced as the Monroe/LAUSD/UTLA proposal. Why is it that Patrick Henry Middle School was perfectly situated for numerous LAUSD Community meetings about VRHS#4 but when it came to taking a community vote, it was held at a high school that will contribute just 15% or less of the students to the new high school? This so called advisory vote was a sham and a waste of time. The vote should have been held at a central location, or at each of the five high schools involved, not at one high school in a far corner of the zone of choice.

  5. Dave:

    You have been a key figure in the Community of Granada Hills, but many times a few of us really question your intentions. You currently serve as president of 2 community organizations one in which it seems you are abusing your powers. I understand you should stand up for what is right, but under your leadership the GHSNC made a premature decision on the High School Proposal. The community information meeting was great, but how many lies are you willing to back up before you start looking dumb. Time to retire and let the people that truly care about the community fight the fight.

  6. I won't call anyone dumb but I would love to hear the reason/s why all the kids from Kennedy and Monroe weren't allowed to vote while the bused in kids from GHCHS were.

    I would love to see how Tamar Galatzan will vote. My guess is that she will abstain since Brian Bauer attended a fundraiser for her at the Fisk home. She won't however try to get the rest of the board to vote against the charter, regardless of the validity of the plan.

    That is just my guess. I've not spoken to her. (her office isn't that good at returning calls)

    Also, I do believe that Dave Beauvais is one of the community members who fights the good fight. Just not in this particular situation...

  7. Anonomous:

    The Community meeting sponsored by GHSNC was great wasn't it? Over a 100 people attended, and got to see and hear both plans. Following that special event the GHSNC Board took a vote at their next meeting. About 20 Stakeholders voiced their opiniions before the Board discussed the issue and voted. In order to be fair, I recognized a member who I knew was going to move to support LAUSD, When that motion was defeated, the Board then voted on support for GHSNC. The vote was 14 to 1. As Chair, and in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, I abstained from voting.

    This Anonyous, is called democracy. You hear both sides of the story, you debate the issue, and then you vote. Sorry if you don't care for the process.

  8. Kim:

    Thank you. The reason given by the LOWV, who were running the vote, was that many students from Kennedy and Monroe did not appear on the rosters submitted by their respective schools. Not surprising, the lists were put together by LAUSD. I have registered by objections to the vote being held at Monroe when it was part of the LAUSD team. Apparently a level playing field is only necessary for the other guy.

    This is all going to be over in a few weeks, and whatever happens, the Granada Hills will survive and we can move on to the next battle.

  9. Mr. Beauvais:

    I understand what Democracy is and do not need a lesson from you on it. I seem to have you in a bind because according to your minutes there were a total of 14 votes cast with 11 in favor, 2 abstentions and 1 opposed.

    Below is what I pulled Directly from your approved Meeting Minutes for the Month of November.

    motion was introduced by Ms. Bursk 2nd by Ms. Cirino to Support Granada Hills
    Charter High School to opperate Valley Regional High School #4. A Roll Call vote
    was again requested.

    In Favor
    Michael Phillips
    Bonnie Marie Bursk
    Jerry Askew
    Joel M. Lyle
    Robert Stevens
    Sally Kolstad
    Alexia Cirino
    Brad Smith
    Jett Dunlap
    Twinkle Khurana
    Dave Beauvais

    Julie Carson

    Ross Turmell
    Sean Rivas

    This can be found on page 4 of 6. So if you "As Chair, and in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, I abstained from voting." then why would your name appear on the "In Favor" list of your roll call vote?

  10. Anonymous:

    If you attend meetings of GHSNC you would know that the only time I have cast a vote was to break a tie. I have done that exactly once as chair. The minutes are in error, and I did not catch the error when the minutes were approved. I have made no secret of my support of GHCHS to operate VRHS#4, and whether my name appears as voting or not is of little consequence at this point. Many chairs do routinely vote, my practice is not to vote. In any event, I am confident that the GHSNC Stakeholders and Board members feel that the entire process was handled in a fair manner, and that is what matters to me.

    If you don't think the process was fair, run for the Board of Directors in 2012, and then run for President of the Board, then you can have it your way.


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