Jim Morrison Ate Here

First Ole' Blue Eyes, then the Lizard King.

The picture at right, taken by one "Lana," (the blonde adult) is of Jim Morrison enjoying the suburban comforts of dinner in a Granada Hills kitchen ca. 1969.

Lana is selling a series of photos online, which include some shots of Lana and Jim dipping into what appears to be chocolate fondue, and playing baseball on a street that may -- or may not -- be just off Swinton Avenue.

The site explains:

Lana met Jim Morrison at the famous Whisky-a-Go-Go in 1969. One day, after Jim had wrecked his car and had no way home, Lana took him to her Hollywood bungalow above Sunset Blvd. The next morning, Jim invited himself along to dinner with her family in Granada Hills. She was embarrassed and wanted to go alone, but he insisted on coming along. At this point in time, Jim was on the Ten-O-Clock News almost every night for the pending Miami exposure charges. Lana's parents knew nothing of their daughter's friendship with the likes of this character and she was a little paranoid at the thought of having her family meet him.

These photos were taken as Lana's family shared a pot of fondue; after the meal, as Jim played baseball with the siblings; and lastly posing so Lana's mother could take a picture of her and her new handsome "friend"... and of course, the kids wanted a photo of themselves with Jim, too. Lana told me that she could tell, Jim really missed having a family like this. He fit in perfectly and all had a great time... No one suspected that THIS man was allegedly corrupting the Miami youth.

The photos are a mildly amusing piece of Granada Hillsiana, but of course they're nowhere near as compelling as this YouTube footage of Jimi Hendrix playing at CSUN's (a/k/a San Fernando Valley State College) Devonshire Downs that same year. Those were the days. Now, GH is lucky if we can get an Earth, Wind And Fire cover band to play in town.

Doors memorabilia site

Thanks Geo Kurbikoff for the tip


    Too bad Jim Morrison did not find a sober living home in Granada Hills, he may still be with us today...


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