Parade Weather Watch: 20% Chance of Rain (Down 10% From Yesterday!)

Forecast for ZIP Code 91344

Saturday Sunday

Mostly Cloudy
65° F | 49° F
Chance of Rain
65° F | 47° F

Mostly Cloudy Rain Showers
20% chance of precipitation

But of course, that means 80% chance of not rain during parade time! It's predicted to let loose by nightfall, though.

Info from The Tom & Linda Tcimpidis weather station,


  1. But a 100% chance of your car being impounded. (That is, if you're unlucky to live on the parade route.)

    Perhaps GHSNC can refund the towing and impound fees? Or provide residents a parking lot for the day?

  2. Dang, whadda Grinch! It's just one afternoon a year!

  3. Geez, get over it! Why not leave town for the day and do both yourself and all of us a favor!

  4. There's at least one in every crowd... Now, where is my lump of coal (I wonder if he would prefer anthracite or bituminous)...


  5. Well, we caught a few sprinkles at the start, but as we were finishing at about 4:00 p.m. the sun came out. I think it was a great parade!

  6. FACT: Every towing company with a city contract donated the statutory max to Greig Smith the last time he ran. And I'll bet they max out on their boy Mitch, too.

    So, who here has been bought off by the tow companies? Show of hands, please...

    All this circulating currency makes you wonder why no one at City Hall is passing a resolution calling on the state legislature to amend the vehicle code to permit vehicles to be relocated to nearby streets by tow trucks instead of being impounded.

    P.S. I'm a bituminous sorta fellow.

  7. Odd... You definitely strike me much more as a hard coal kind of guy...


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