Who's Going To Run Bo Diddley High?

Tomorrow afternoon, Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council will host an informational meeting about the operation of Valley Region High School #4.

Applicants to run the school have been asked to make brief presentations about their plans to run the school site.

The meeting is Saturday, October 30 from 2-4:30pm at Granada Pavilion, 11128 Balboa Boulevard (in the Trader Joe's Center).

My advice: whichever group is willing to acknowledge that Bo Diddley High, is a much cooler name than Valley Region High School No. 4 should run the school. Naming a school in honor of one of Granada Hills' most influential residents and supporting a commitment to arts in education, well, it just makes sense.

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  1. I think it should be named John Elway High School just to play mind games with high school on the other side of town. :-)

  2. Except that the Balboa campus, no matter who manages the school, won't have a football team...it would be like John F. Kennedy HS not offering civics, or not having student government...

    I still think John W. Finn would be a good choice, but that's me.

    Thanks for the post, Linda.


    Brad Smith

  3. I'm thinking James Cagney HS, after another famous GH resident.

  4. Brad, I'm not sure I go along with your placement of football alongside study of government and civics in importance. It's a f*cking game.

    Dave --
    Holy jeez, CAGNEY lived here?

  5. Linda -

    Sure, but for a school named after a football player, one would expect a football team...

    Cagney was part of the Valleywood crowd, like Lucy and Desi in Northridge.

    I heard Saturday from one of the attendees at the fourm that CD-12 has asked the school be named for Jon Lauritzen, the former school board member who died in 2007.


    Brad Smith


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