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Reports of the farmer's market's death have been greatly exaggerated.

The Granada Hills Farmer's market is in fact still going — well, not strong exactly — but still going.

The excitement of a new farmer's market in town has decreased with the temperatures, and the number of vendors at the market, held at the Masonic temple on Rinaldi between Hayvenhurst and Woodley, has dwindled precipitously.

The good news is that you can still buy fresh, organic, locally grown produce at the market, it's still right here in Granada Hills, and it's still at better than Whole Foods prices. And with the fair-weather Northridge Farmer's market about to go dark (it's last day will be October 28), and in this time of fall produce, it's nice to have a year-round option.

Ric, the market's manager, said that space rental prices for vendors have remained the same since the market's opening, but groused that impatient vendors hadn't given the fledgling market a chance to find its footing before jumping ship. The market now finds itself in a Catch-22: fewer vendors means fewer customers; fewer customers means fewer vendors.

Why bother to shop for produce at a Friday night outdoor farmer's market when Vons is open every day? I could fill a book will all of the reasons, but Michael Pollan has already done that.

But if you only have time for a shorter read, check out "Got Garlic? It's Probably Not From Gilroy," from Wednesday's Los Angeles Times, which explains how it came to be that even though our own state is home to a famous garlic growing capital, most Californians' garlic is shipped over from China, land of lead paint and melanine dog chow. Yum.

Granada Hills Farmer's Market
Every Friday, 5-9pm
Granada Hills Masonic Center
16535 Rinaldi (at Hayvenhurst)
Granada Hills

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  1. I was thrilled when GH got its own farmer's market but I don't frequent it anymore since articles like the following indicate that the produce may not be local. I have more faith that the produce that Whole Foods sells as local is local so I will buy there even though it is more expensive.


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