Plums and Honey, Clowns and Elvis

With the prickly yellow lawn of the Granada Hills Masonic Center crunching underfoot, last Friday GranadaHillsians finally enjoyed a Farmer's Market we could call our own. So take that, Tarzana! Neener neener, Northridge! Suck it, Studio City!

The booth that got everyone the most excited was the On The Spot Donut Booth, where a little bitty machine cranked out little bitty donuts, like a little bitty version of Krispy Kreme. But without the glaze.

Okay, so diversity wasn't the Masons' strong suit...

But look at those outfits! These guys are ready for anything, from a car crash to a Governor's ball! Secret world government never looked so good.

Enterprising youths sold soda and cupcakes...

But the lazy kids just messed around.

Portable waterfall!

Yummy food!

Ewige Blumenkraft und ewige Schlangenkraft!

The Granada Hills Farmer's Market continues weekly, every Friday from 5pm to 9pm at 16535 Rinaldi (at Hayvenhurst), Granada Hills.

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  1. Great pictures! Can't wait to go again today.

  2. Just took my morning run right by there and was nite at the market, yup!!!

  3. Okay, so diversity wasn't the Masons' strong suit...LOL that is an understatement !!!! I dont think tolerance was either !!! LOL Im sure some of those Masons' are rolling over in their graves knowing there hahahaha there is a farmers market there.


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