Reiki Healing Circle With Harp Sunday

An announcement from North Valley Aikikai:

Energize and balance yourself with an afternoon retreat full of peace, music and energy. Led by Reiki Master Julie Roberts, and musician Ed Wing.

The first half of the circle contains a guided meditation beautifully facilitated to place calm and peace in the heart of the circle. This is an energetic precursor to individual healing attunements to clear blockages, form clarity, increase empowerment & creative inspiration, release t...oxins that no longer serve you or just gently balance your body's energy system.

The second half of the circle includes sending Reiki energy to our families, friends, our projects, our dreams, our business, our aspirations.

Exquisite musician Ed Wing will be playing enchanting music, adding to the sacred vibration of the circle.

The energy builds in the circle, forming different patterns from heat to circulatory energy formations. Each circle produces a different energy based upon its participants. Stories of inspiration, courage, promotions, cures and opportunities appearing from now-here have made this a favorite event for many.

Suggested donation: $15

Tea and refreshments will be served.


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