Food Trucks FTW!

My ordering technique at the food truck fest: going up to each truck's window and saying, "Gimme the thing that's gonna make me go 'MMMMMM!'" And it turns out that was a winning strategy. The only truck I didn't use that line on was the meatball truck Great Balls On Tires, where I switched to, "Hurry, stuff your balls in my mouth!"

What? Oh, please, get your mind out of the gutter, people! Really, I'm surprised at you, Granada Hills. I'm just talking about eating their meat!

Verily I say to thee, Clint, Michael (a GH homeboy!) and their crew had the best balls I've ever tasted. And as for the double entendres the truck's name lends itself to — they've even got "Best Balls In L.A.!" painted on their hood — apparently, the gag never gets old. After cracking a few extremely obvious jokes with the Great Balls crew that got more laughs than I expected, I asked, "Aren't you tired of this stuff by now?" To which they replied, "Of course not! We're boys!"

I also learned at the Food Truck Fest — I think the precise moment was when I took my first bite of a Komodo taco — the reason why I'm never going to be a food critic. When me taste incredibul food, brain stop working. The only words that leak out of my crammed-full cake hole are "Mmmmm!" and "Yum."

So here's my reviews: Komodo: Mmmmm. Great Balls: Yum. Vizzi: Mmmmm. Lomo Arigato: Yum. Tanota Takoyaki: Mmmmm. Crepen Around: Yum. Greenz on Wheelz: Mmmmm. Del's Lemonade: Yum. Big Swirl: Mmmmm. Gourmet Genie: Yum. Bool BBQ: Mmmmm. Papas Tapas: Yum. Yeah, Jonathan Gold, if you're reading this, you can quit worrying; your job is safe.

Of course, The Incredibles is still my favorite Pixar movie, and it's even better when viewed with a belly full of tacos, sliders, takoyaki, lemonade, melts, truffle fries, tapas, frozen yogurt, crepes, and god-knows-what-all I ate that night. Mmmmm. Yum.

And to answer all of the inquires I've received, the answer is YES, we're going to do it again, and soon. Neighborhood Council member Brad Smith estimated the event's attendance at about 8,000, but Jerry Askew put the number at closer to 10,000. I'm going to go with 12,000, but that's just me. The important thing is that it was super fun, and I want to say thanks to all 15,000 of you that showed up!

Special thanks to Mark Hovater for the video!

Updated 9/19/2010: All participating food trucks paid a fee to participate in the G.H. Food Truck Fest. These proceeds made it possible for Giga Granada Hills to make a $150 donation to Friends of The Granada Hills Library. Thank you!


  1. Best thing they've done in GH is ages. Too much fun!

  2. We had a great time as well... looking forward to the next Food Truck Fest! We'll better plan and get more people out so we can try more than just a couple things. Also, LOVE the bumper sticker, thank you!

  3. Next time ask the boys from Fuxion Tacos to join the line up. They are amazing!!!! I had their food at a grand opening.... I'm Now hooked!

  4. LOVED the clip and the photos!
    Kudos for organizing such a successful event!
    Can't wait till next year's...

  5. Another suggestion for next time:

    ALL BACON FOOD TRUCK - YES !!!!!! Tried it in North Hollywood today, great!


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