Police Pull Pot Plants From Park

The Daily News reported the discovery of $24 million dollars worth of marijuana plants growing in our own O'Melveny Park, in what one detective described as "The largest outdoor grow I've ever seen."

Click here for full article at Daily News.com


  1. Wow. I have to walk by this several times a week. I am furious that they altered the stream bed. I care more about that than anything. Altering a stream bed is a Federal offense and is under the purview of the Army Corps of Engineers.

  2. i knew it! i was there at the park watching the helicopter drop loads of the plants in the main picnic area.

  3. Hello GIGA, This is what we should be spending our time on!! Not wasting tax payers money on closing legitimate Co-ops with proper paper work like MINE!!!....(we will be back soon);)

  4. Let me know when you are, that will be news.

  5. Yes i sure will.....I was just informed by my attorney that it was the Granada Hills Council that kept complaining to LAPD Devonshire about CHP.I really dont know what theyre complaint would be since we didnt let anyone under 21 in unless they came in with one of their parents. Anyways hopefully it all works out as planned. Take care & see you soon GIGA...

  6. HELLO GIGA !!!!! ;-)


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