Dry Cleaners Closed Indefinitely After Car Wreck

Quality Cleaners, on Balboa Boulevard just south of San Fernando Mission, will remain closed indefinitely after a motorist crashed their car through the shop's front window yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m.

The shop owner refused to comment other than to say a lawsuit is pending after the crash, and that everything else surrounding the incident -- when and if the store will reopen, what repair costs will be -- was "undetermined."

Officer Khoury of Valley Traffic Division said that the driver was a 47 year old female who simply "confused the gas and the brake," and that the driver was not intoxicated. The owners of Top Donut, the shop next door which does a bustling business at that time of the day, said that the driver was one of their regular customers.

The driver was not injured in the wreck, but a person on the sidewalk suffered minor injuries.

KCal 9 Coverage
Daily News Coverage


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