The Kogi Truck Is Coming! The Kogi Truck Is Coming!!!


The Kogi BBQ Truck is going to be in GRANADA HILLS tonight!!!

From 10:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Granada Hills residents will be able to savor the goodness of Korean BBQ in Mexican form right in our own backyard: at the corner of Zelzah and Chatsworth.

Their web site lists the location as "Northridge," which I would find unforgivable if their tacos weren't so damned good. Believe the hype: go.


  1. 10:30 PM?!

    OK, I suppose I can get a late-night snack.

    Do normal people really eat this late on a weeknight, or am I just weird in that I'm ususally in bed by then?

  2. After you fall asleep, everyone else in the world secretly gets out of bed and goes out for dinner.

    Oops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that.


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