Roundup of existing news stories on Home Depot (will be updated)

The Real Deal: San Fernando Valley cinema pegged for big-box makeover

Bisnow: Regency Theatres' Granada Hills Location Slated To Become A Home Depot

San Fernando Valley Sun: Regency Theatre Purchase by Home Depot Parent Campany

Reddit thread: Pretty sad we're losing the movie theater in Granada Hills for another Home Depot


  1. Terrible idea What about theater, Panera, sees candies, pho one, raw sushi, what about those businesses?

    1. There was a petition going around, maybe

  2. I definitely do NOT want a Home Depot in that location. It is right in the middle of a nice, quiet neighborhood and is totally unnecessary. Losing all those nice shops, restaurants, See’s Candy and the movie theater will be devastating.

  3. We do not need another Home Depot. We have one close by on Balboa and Roscoe.

  4. What is being done to stop it please tell ys

  5. Is there anything the community can do


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