Two Subs Enter, No Subs Leave: Giga Granada Hills Pits Togo's Against Jersey Mike's In A Sandwich Death Match

Balloons and streamers heralded the opening of a new Togo's restaurant in Granada Hills in the OSH shopping center last month -- right across the street from the Jersey Mike's opened in 2010.

But does new interloper Togo's pose a threat to Jersey Mike's sandwich supremacy? Giga Granada Hills pitted sandwiches from both stores against each other in a salami-to-salami face off to see which sub Granada Hillsians should let into their hearts and mouths.

Sadly, it was no edge-of-the-seat contest, as one combatant's the victory was swift and decisive. Seems that the new sub in town just couldn't hold off the Jersey boy.

Our panel of six tasters -- which included a new mom eager to shake off the shackles of her pregnancy-proscribed cold cut drought -- quickly came to unanimous consensus that Jersey Mike's Number 13, the "Original Italian" bested Togo's Number 16, simply called "The Italian."

Taster comments on Togos: 

"It's bland, but salty." 
"The bread is soggy." 
"It's kind of flavorless." 
"It's not bad, but it doesn't compare." 

Taster comments on Jersey Mike's: 

"There's more meat, with more texture." 
"The bread is crustier." 
"There's more vinegar, which makes it tangy." 
"It's spicier." 

The main downside to Jersey Mike's: the significant improvement in taste comes at a significantly higher price. Mike charges $7.75 for a regular, versus $5.75 for the regular size at Togo's. True, the Jersey Mike's regular is 1.5 inches longer than the 6 inch Togo's sub, but two bucks seems like a big jump just for an extra inch and a half. 

Bottom line: if you want a perfectly serviceable, and far cheaper sub, go to Togo's. But if you want a Jersey Shore-style party in your mouth, walk across the street. 

Stay tuned: Next up, Giga Granada Hills stages a food fight between Jersey Mike's and the grandaddy of all Granada Hills sandwich shops, Italia Deli. 


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