Meet at Joe's: Joe's Cafe In Granada Hills

Wait -- an Eagle Rock hipster came over here to do something?

Enjoy this interview with Joe of Joe's Cafe. 

And if you come to Joe's, remember, the password is "meatball." 

Joe's Cafe is located at 17815 Chatsworth Street, Granada Hills.


  1. So... what's the address?? (And a photo of the storefront would be nice, too.)

  2. Boo! No ADDRESS mentioned or even cross streets!

    1. I went back and added the address to the post, you lazy ingrates. "Boo," indeed. Instead of booing me, why don't you just cut my pay? That'll show me.

  3. 17815 Chatsworth St (just east of Zelzah)
    Granada Hills, CA 91344

    Found it on Yelp, of course!

  4. Yay for Joe! Can't wait to get there and have breakfast and Intelligentsia coffee!!! Thank you for gracing us here in Granada Hills with your presence!

  5. Been three times. Love it. Cha/Zel is coming back to life!!!!!!

  6. Shades of the CharMar...

    Very nice place to have in town; had breakfast there this monring. Very good omelette and my date had the belgian waffles and would not share.

    Cha/Zel? Really?

    Cripes - GH is not hip; that is part of the charm.


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