Granada Hills' Secret Swimming Pool

     Mitch Englander's most recent newsletter contained a listing of public pools in the West San Fernando Valley: Granada Hills Pool on Chatsworth, Northridge Pool on Reseda, Canoga Park Pool on Strathern, and Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Pool on Huston Street.

     But Englander forgot to mention one pool right here in Granada Hills: the Knollwood Pool.

    Although it shares a parking lot with Knollwood Country Club, the pool is free and open to the public as it's not operated by the club, but by L.A. County Parks and Recreation.

    The pool is one of Granada Hills best-kept secrets -- even many nearby residents don't know it's there for the taking. Lively but uncrowded, in a small, sheltered area with shade and a grass lawn for lounging, you can even take swim lessons here, or just go for a dip -- no membership required.

Knollwood Pool 
12040 Balboa Blvd. 
Granada Hills
Open 12:30-5 daily thru Sept. 5


  1. who knew! BTW - I hope the photo above is a person swimming in the pool and not drowning in the pool!

  2. If she is drowning, she certainly seems to be going about it purposefully.

  3. Actually, the whole facility (golf course, tennis courts, and pool) is owned by LA County parks and operated by a concessionaire. IIRC, when Porter Valley was built, the economics were such that Knollwood could not survive as a private club, and so the LA County Board of Supes acquired the club.

    Why the city didn't do it is a question: I think it was during Wilkinson's tenure at CD 12, and presumably had something to do with CD 12's ever-after oath of fealty for Porter Valley and the Shapell/Porter Valley Development Company...which would make quite a saga; cross between "The Godfather" and "Chinatown," unto the third (or fourth) generation of carpetbagging pols in thrall to Beverly Hills developers.

    Oh well; that's the Valley, Jake...

  4. Let's keep it a secret. I went to the swimming pool at knollwood yesterday, and there were kids diving in the deep end. Why do they allow diving, because there are no diving boards....

  5. If the person is drowning, she certainly seems to be going about it intentionally.
    By the way, thanks for sharing.


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