From Daily News: Health Department Food Truck Crackdown

Last night, health department officials cracked down on the food truck gathering on Chatsworth street, the Daily News reported.

Although I, as well as most responsible food truck owners, welcome health inspections, the specific violation cited in the Daily News' article has no basis science whatsoever.

The article says that one food truck "was shut down for running low on hot water for washing hands."

If the truck had any water available for washing hands, that should be enough, since the temperature of water used for hand washing has no impact whatsoever on hygiene. Yet the County health department continues to issue violations and to require that hand washing water be hot.

To be hot enough to kill germs, the water would also have to be hot enough to burn skin.

Fortunately, L.A. County Department of Health doesn't require water to be that hot. Still, the question remains: why require hot water for hand washing at all?


  1. The food truck Nazis are at it again... The Granada Hills shopping district was a boring, uninviting, mundane ghost town until they appeared!

  2. Funny that this happened only hours after the food truck meeting! Coincidence? I think not!

  3. the food trucks have made town much more interesting. small business have benefitted from their presence. i love driving on chatsworth street and seeing all the people walking up and down the streets. Leave the trucks alone.


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